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Take a Deep Breath Out [Preorder]

Take a Deep Breath Out [Preorder]

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Take a Deep Breath Out is a 32 page comic about Harrow getting her ear pierced! It's griddlehark-y and more or less pg-13, but as always my work is intended for adult audiences. 

This book features a cool two layered cover with a vellum overlay, and is real chunky cause I bought 28lb paper instead of 24. You could break a window with this thing if you threw it hard enough.

PREORDERS WILL BE SHIPPING IN LATE MAY. LIMITED TO 48 COPIES. (would have been 50 but I lost two sheets of vellum to printing experiments.) 

❤Content warnings❤
-themes of self harm
-really bad stupid teenage piercing techniques

**Note: some pages of this comic are intentionally torn or damaged. This is not a defect, so please don't be alarmed.**

**Note 2: I make all of my comics by hand. There will be some slight errors due to the process of printing on a home office laser printer. Hopefully the love and care I put into each one makes up for any small mistakes.** 

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